An overview of our certificates

Quality management is firmly rooted in our way of thinking - and therefore always
forms a part of daily our business.

Our quality systems are verified and certified by experts from independent third-party companies.

IFS Wholesale

The IFS standards are developed by and for everyone involved in the supply chain who wish to apply uniform standards to ensure food and product safety and quality in your products and services.D


QS test system

The QS test system ensures a thorough and reliable quality assurance with clear and coordinated specifications from the producer to the shop counter.


Organic certificate

An organic label is a seal of quality and it identifies organic products.

Approval for the use of a seal is regulated by the issuer and is subject to compliance with certain standards and requirements. Compliance with the criteria by the producer should be ensured by a documentation requirement, regular sampling and the testing of samples. The compliance with the provisions of all organic products in the EU is monitored by the relevant competent organic control authority, and also by the respective farming association when using an association label.


Proven quality from Hessen

The quality brand "Proven Quality - Hessen" was developed by the marketing society GUTES AUS HESSEN e.V. together with the State of Hessen. The main objective of this system is to provide consumers with high-quality and safe food, whose origin is clearly recognisable.